Visionary Leadership & Community Results

As a life-long resident of District 6, I share and understand your challenges and hopes for a better future.  For too long, our government has provided short-term solutions to systemic and dynamic problems. My grandfather taught me how to respect the world by engaging problems and injustices around me and arming myself with knowledge and think outside the box for innovative solutions.  Because of him, I’m committed to a life-time of public service and fighting to make the “impossible problems” become a possible to solve.  Too many of our neighbors continue to suffer from:

  • Crime, Neglect and Abuse;
  • Traffic and Congestion;
  • Flooding, lack of parks and sidewalks;
  • Under-performing Schools;
  • Rising Cost of Living; and
  • Low-wage jobs.

Regenerating District 6

While our city is seeing historic growth, many District 6 neighborhoods are aging and in need of transformation.   I will fight to insure all District 6 neighborhoods get their fair share of resources and investment.  We must begin the journey of tackling the “impossible” by engaging our youth and the village taking responsibility for our neighbor’s children.  Strong Schools must be surrounded by Strong Neighborhoods to break the cycle of poverty, and future generations have the option to “move home”.

Join me in declaring a Revolution through TRANSFORM VISION 6, a blueprint for New Generation Neighborhoods. 

Transform Vision 6: Blueprint For New Generation Neighborhoods

  • Strong Schools
  • Safe Places
  • Housing Choices
  • Healthy Living
  • Smart Connections
  • Moving Home


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