On the Issues


I will use my lifetime of experience of living, working and raising my family in District 6 to be your chief advocate at City Hall.  I will fight to ensure all District 6 neighborhoods get their fair share of resources and investment. 

True leadership is about being accountable to our citizens and representing them with dignity. I will work hard each and everyday to create new opportunities for the people of District 6.  Together we will continue to grow our vibrant community and create a place our children will want to live and raise their families for generations to come.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Vision 6


Property Taxes

District 6 residents are struggling to afford to stay in their own homes. This is why I will fight to bring property tax relief by holding the Bexar County Appraisal District accountable and explore every tool available to protect homeowners.

Streets, Sidewalks & Drainage

We must invest in our infrastructure to keep motorists and pedestrians safe. This is why I will fight to increase funding for streets, sidewalks and drainage.

Traffic Relief

Mobility is important for economic opportunity and our quality of life. I will develop solutions that relieve traffic congestion across District 6

Public Safety

Every second counts in a medical or safety emergency. This is why I will fight to reduce first responder response times by expanding fire and police substations and increase funding for more police officers.


Strong schools are essential in educating our future workforce. This is why I fully support Pre-K 4 SA and will work with local school districts to ensure that our students have all the resources they need to be successful.

Complete Neighborhoods

District 6 residents should have access to all the opportunities needed to live a full productive life. This is why I will work with our neighborhoods to provide quality constituent services, attract high paying jobs, develop desirable entertainment and housing options.